Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Normandy Bolt Action Game

As a bit of a change from sci-fi etc we thought we'd show you some pics from a recent Bolt Action game we had at Martins this week.
As it was only our second game of BA we've not really got to grips with it yet so we thought we'd throw some armour in there to see how it works.
The game was set up with the British (Dave in the red top) deploying first. This would give the game a more ambushy feel. The Germans (me, not in the shot) also had anti-tank guns set hidden using dice (some of them dummy) to mark possible positions. We decided to deploy all the German inf instead of using dummy dice or noting positions maps to save some time and so it didn't get too complicated and the game last hours.

The British inf came on strong and suffered badly from advancing in open but soon learned to start hugging the bocage. The armour came on more tentatively as you would expect with hidden AT all over the place.

Things were looking good for the Germans until some appalling Anti-tank dice rolling at sitting duck targets left them exposed and vulnerable to the armour. Things got worse as the armour rolled up the fields seemingly invulnerable to anything that was thrown at them pounding the German infantry and Pak 40's to bits.

To compound matters our random reinforcement rule allowed 3 units of Red Devils (Martin) to attack from the German rear. It was all pretty much over for the Germans with only a single immobilised Sherman to sweeten a resounding defeat.

Good game all in all although we'll be adding some house rules to BA for things which didn't quite sit right for us.
Enjoy the pics and have a good xmas.


  1. Very nice table and fantastic figures.
    I quite like the basics of BA but i also think need some house rules to change certain odd things. I wonder which ones you think are not right.
    To me are the issues with MG and snipers. Thing that are a common complain in the Warlord forum.

    Again fantastic miniatures a great AAR


  2. We really need to have a few more games and digest the rules a bit more but...
    The thing that always bugs us about skirmish level games is spotting hidden units. We've tried loads of different methods such as marking units on maps, dummy markers etc but non of them really work unless you are prepared to have a basically empty table and mark movement on paper - which is boring and a waste of good figures. I'd love to see a set of rules that nails it.
    The rules seem too bloody - too many casualties.
    We like pinning but it seems too harsh.
    It seemed like if you took fire from a ten man unit - you were screwed whether in cover or not, either decimated or had so many pin markers you couldn't do anything. Maybe that's realistic.
    We like mortars that deviate not just hit or miss.
    We didn't use snipers so can't comment

    We like the turn sequence but we add a single black dice in the pot which is for reinforcements - if its picked out and the next dice is for your side you get to bring on reinforcements - adds some spice.
    Overall we had a good game in 3hrs so well worth it.

  3. LOVE your terrain! Any tutorials?

  4. No tutorials I'm afraid although I should start doing them. When I next start a project I'll record the stages and bang it up here.

  5. Very nice report, thanks for posting :)

  6. Great looking game and it sounds like you had good fun.

    I agree BA can be pretty bloody. It would be nice to have a wounded status as well (like that in 'Operation Squad').

    One thing to remember about pinning in BA: you only take 1 pin from a successful fire action no matter how many models have fired or hit. Some HE weapons have a chance of adding additional pins but otherwise its 1 pin per fire resolution.

    Took a bit of head scratching from us as well...

  7. +1 for: The terrain is gorgeous!